NVDA crashes

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
Is there anything one can do to prevent NVDA from crashing on
websites. Many times I open a website, and when I am working on the
site, NVDA suddenly crashes. Some times I go back to the desktop to
turn it on again and it starts working. Sometimes it doesn't. When I
wait for some time, and I use the alttab keys to go back and forth, I
then hear thae name of the website anounced and I hear not responding.
Sometimes when on the internet, NVDA crashes, and the computer crashes
all together, and continues running. it becomes impossible for me to
shut it down normally. I have to stop it from running, using the
power button.
To restart it, I have to get sighted assistance, because it will just
not start with any sound. And the sighted helper has to use the mouse
to start it.
I hope my issue is not too long, and it is well understood.
Has anyone had this problem at any time, how did you go about
resolving it. I've been having this problem for some time now.
I do the "run com registration" under the tools menu when I have
problems with NVDA not responding or when icon or unknown is heard,
but this does not fix issues.
I use a windows7 32bit computer.
Thanks and cheers.

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