Re: Is doing a completely clean install of windows 10 screen reader accessible?

Felix G.

in the context of a clean install, it won't just start the
installation after downloading. Downloading is performed with the
Media Creation Tool, which is the app Microsoft provides for creating
your installation media, which would usually be a flash drive. When
that has concluded, you can reboot from that flash drive to actually
install Windows, in the most extreme case repartitioning and
reformatting your hard drive beforehand, which is the way to delete
absolutely everything on the machine and get a super clean install if
that's indeed what you want.
Rebooting from your flash drive may be tricky and may require sighted
help depending on your UEFI.
Once booted, if the installer detects your sound card, it will give
you an audible welcome message as far as I remember. You may then
press ctrl+Windows+enter to start Narrator. If you don't hear
anything, your sound hardware might not have been detected. A solution
is to plug in a USB headset then try to start Narrator. Note that it
has to be a USB one as the installer comes with generic drivers for
that. For me this worked in three out of three cases.

Am Sa., 26. Juni 2021 um 00:05 Uhr schrieb Arlene <nedster66@...>:

Hi, If Narator or NVDA talk while reinstalling windows ten. I think you should have a sighted person near you if it does stop talking. Have a sighted person near by just to be safe.

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Just want to be sure

Is clean install of windows 10 – on the same laptop accessible for blind people? Maybe with NVDA or Narator?

Thanks much,

Help will be very appreciated.


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