Re: SharePoint and MS Word; phantom announcements

Jonathan COHN

Hello Jeff,
Are you using the standard arrow keys when you encounter these messages? This sounds like there might be a dialog on top of your Word document that NVDA is reading, but that should not occur unless you have screen review cursors working. Essentially, when using Sharepoint to save Word documents Word will push changes to the Sharepoint server so that anybody else can collaborate / edit the same time and know what you are changing almost instantaneously. If you are working on files without anybody else, you should be able to turn off this auto-save functionality, though that won't help with why NVDA is speaking these status messages.
You also might want to try going into the account area of Word, I believe it is under file info in the ribbons, and make sure you are logged into the Sharepoint account.
Best Wishes!
Jonathan Cohn

On Jun 24, 2021, at 23:34, Jeff Samco <jsamco@...> wrote:

At my work, we recently switched over to using SharePoint. I'm using the current version of NVDA. Now when working in a Word document stored on SharePoint I am getting erroneous announcements tagged on after the actual text is voiced by the speech synthesizer, irrespective of using Eloquence or OneCore. These erroneous announcements are either "sign-in required" or "upload blocked." They occur at the end of a line of text when arrowing down line-by-line. Or, they occur after speech is finished voicing a word when moving word-by-word, or after moving letter-by-letter. When using read to end, these erroneous announcements only occur when there is a line feed present.

Any suggestions what NVDA is picking up on when voicing these? How might I turn this off?



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