Re: Is doing a completely clean install of windows 10 screen reader accessible?

Hareth <hareth4m@...>

I've Done many actual clean installation of win10 sense they
announced the narrator work at the initial installation process. just
hit the windows+ctrl+enter hotkey, and its good to go a few seconds
after the boot from the installation media boot up starts.
Even the page where we can wipe and format the partitions are
accessible with narrator.
Never needed a sighted help with it sense.

On 6/26/21, Josh Kennedy <> wrote:
if you need help reinstalling windows10 and if you have either an android
phone or an iPhone, you can use the free be my eyes app on an iPhone or
android phone including samsung and all kinds of android phones to point
your camera at the computer screen and call microsoft on be my eyes and
someone will help you with the install.

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