Re: NVDA crashes

Luke Davis

Brian Vogel wrote:

And we are right back to my standard request (I should call it a demand, as that's what it really is, in reality):  Versions, Versions, Versions!It is right
next to impossible to give accurate technical assistance without them.  For any issue such as this the Windows Version and Build, the NVDA version, and the
Brian if you're talking about Don's message here, to which I just responded, my answer is:

* Every version of NVDA at least since 2019.3.1.
* Every version of Windows 10 at least since 18XX.
* Other software often included Firefox, every version over the last three years.

I once filed a GitHub issue about this, which got very little love, although I do see that Quentin asked for a test there that I should run.


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