Re: NVDA crashes


On Sat, Jun 26, 2021 at 06:26 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Thanks for telling us the font attributes; without looking at them letter by letter and requesting deep font information, the boldness, italicity, and underlinedness (underlineyness?) completely escaped me, and I suspect most others. :)
Serious response:  What is the "blind centric" method of creating emphasis in a text?  I realize that someone who's blind does not see bold, italic, or underline but I thought I had remembered something about the various synths doing something akin to what is done for capital letters where pitch goes up.

But even if you can't see the emphasis itself.  That's set on a line by itself which constitutes a paragraph of it's own.  And even though we beg those who've just subscribed to read through the welcome message, which includes the group rules, in its entirety just once, no one in group administration is foolish enough to believe that this request is honored by all new members.

But I don't know what we can do other than put this stuff in writing, and try to be as consistent as any two human beings can be about enforcement.  There's no way we can catch absolutely, positively, everything.  I also know that most of the group rules were not pulled out of the posteriors of those who put them together, but came about in response to situations that we'd like to avoid going forward.

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