Re: Amateur programmer, looking to create accessible programs

Luke Davis

Hello and welcome!

The first thing you might consider, is also joining the nvda-devel mailing list.
There are more sighted programmers there than you are likely to find here, I think.

I'm not sighted, and I don't program for Windows except in Python; and on Linux/Unix I don't program for the GUI. So I probably can't help you much.

But one of the things you can probably do, is stick to known accessible user interfaces like WX, and avoid those known to be less accessible like QT.

Other than that, ask around with specific questions--is "X" a platform/framework/library that results in accessible apps?

Pay attention to any accessibility interfaces provided by whatever frameworks/libraries you do end up using.

And of course, find yourself some blind alpha testers.

Sadly, I don't know of any specific resources for this, but again it's not an area I have much researched. Simply put, if anything I was doing wasn't screen reader accessible, I wouldn't be doing it.

Luke wrote:

I'm an amateur programmer who is sighted, but I am looking to create applications that are as accessible as possible. Are there any good resources for
learning how to optimize one's programs for screen reader use?

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