Re: Non Adobe PDF Readers that are accessible?

Salva Doménech Miguel <kibayasd@...>

Hi. Only it converts te pdf in a readable document, but I don't think that uses ocr, but y don't know.

El 15/09/2016 a las 23:16, Brandon Keith Biggs escribió:
Does Word 2016 convert the PDF or read it? Also, does it have an OCR functionality?

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 1:55 PM, Salva Doménech Miguel via <kibayasd@...> wrote:
I use to use Microsoft Office Word 2016, it can read and save pdf documents.

El 15/09/2016 a las 22:53, Brandon Keith Biggs escribió:
I'm looking for PDF readers and possibly writers that are really accessible with NVDA.
I know CutePDF has an amazing writer I always use, but has anyone tried their pro program?
I am looking mostly for reading, but would really like to know of something for writing and signing PDFs as well.
Does anyone know of any?

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