Re: Is doing a completely clean install of windows 10 screen reader accessible?

Luke Davis


Many computers come with a recovery partition of some sort, or a factory reset partition.

This is an area of the hard drive that you can boot from, that will let you restore the computer to the way it was when you bought it. Booting from that partition and using it will require sighted help--it usually involves pressing F12 while first turning the system on, and looking in the menu that comes up for some sort of recovery or factory reset sounding partition.

There is another option. Windows itself can do a reset, in which it wipes all userdata and settings, and sets itself back to factory defaults.

The latter has one good advantage: any upgrades you have done to Windows (like from 7 to 10) will be preserved. Oh, and it is accessible as far as I can remember from the last time I did it.


On Jun 26, Arlene wrote:

Hi there, If you wipe the whole thing clean? Do you have to set it all back up as though you bought the computer brand new?  I know this sounds stupid. Do
you have to set up all your Microsoft account?  Do you have to have a windows ten disk?  This computer came without one.  If I was to wipe my system Does
this Acer computer or any other windows computers come with windows  already in them? I hope I asked the right questions.

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