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To clarify a few things brought up in the below, 1) the computer is set “never” to sleep and 2) there are no Bluetooth devices connected.


However, up until right now I had the screen set to “turn off” after one hour.  Now, I set it to “never.”  Might this have been the cause?  Also, about leaving the screen on all the time, in the old days (with CRT monitors at least) we were told not to leave the screen on because the image would “burn” into it leaving a ghost on the screen.  Is that still true with a modern monitor?  I believe the monitor in question here is an LCD.  Of course, for now I am putting aside the power consumption issues; as explained next.


This desktop PC in question here has several accounts on it.  One of  them is for my wife (sighted).  She uses the computer daily for work.  The computer is also acting as a “server” on our WiFi; sharing its “public” folder over that WiFi.  I constantly access that folder over our WiFi via my laptop for data files, music and so on.  In the past, I have had problems doing this if the computer went to sleep.  I do know about the “wake on LAN” thing, but that never really solved these problems in a solid way.  Seemingly, using a screen reader becomes unreliable in an environment involving WiFi networks and computers that sleep.





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I don’t know but why do you let it sit at the sign in screen?

I doubt that he does.  Windows (10, but not just 10) by default is set to go to sleep after a period of inactivity, and to require sign on again when awakened.  That's why I suggested turning off the sign on requirement.  I have mine set that way as well as my computer never set to sleep if it's running on AC power.  It will sleep if running on battery power, but still does not require sign on when awakened.

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