Preliminary: NVDA runs happily on Windows 11, issues being investigated


Hello everyone,

As per a directive from forum moderators, if you have any questions about Windows 11 (currently being tested by Windows Insiders), please write to me or to Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users:


For those who are watching Twitter universe: I’m delighted to announce that NVDA runs on Windows 11 Insider Preview (build 22000), and NV Access retweeted it. As implied by folks here last week, as Windows 11 is under active development, things can change without notice, including issues and resolutions. More info about Windows 11 issues for screen readers (as reported by Windows Insiders) can be tracked here: | Windows 11 (thread): first impressions, things to be aware of


If you are indeed a Windows Insider and happen to be using NVDA, I’m tweaking NVDA to work better with Windows 11 via Windows App Essentials. For best experience, please install:

  • NVDA 2021.1 beta 5 or later
  • Windows App Essentials June 29th development snapshot or later


Again if you have any questions or comments on Windows 11 preview, please write to me directly or ask on the forum I linked above.



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