Re: Preliminary: NVDA runs happily on Windows 11, issues being investigated


On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 01:23 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Let's discuss Windows 11 on a different forum so we won't clutter the list with preview build feedback.
And, for the time being, were there something truly NVDA-centric but in the Windows 11 ecosystem, I am asking that this be discussed on the Chat Subgroup.

Until Windows 11 is released it's not "in support" nor can we know whether what we have to work with this week is what we'll have next week as far as the Windows side of things goes.  It's really a grand experiment for the time being.

Once Windows 11 goes live, then it's appropriate to have discussions regarding NVDA running in Windows 11 on the main group.  And it will become critical that all members start to identify whether it's Windows 10 versus Windows 11 that they're running NVDA under, as there will be a long period of "mixed use" ahead of us.

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