Re: microsoft says that there is a bug in the edge brouser


You often get better help from lists like this one than from support staff. 
In the current example, it became clear from discussion on the list that the problem is a bug, probably either in Windows or Edge and not in NVDA.  Many people investigated the problem who are list members and this or that work around was presented. 
The disability service is not the department at Microsoft that invewstigates and fixes accessibility problems.  They are unlikely to have known about the problem since it was new. 
Later, as the problem was investigated by Microsoft, a fix would have been known and implemented in either Windows or Edge by the department responsible for implementing accessibility.
I’m not saying that the person you spoke to took the right approach.  I think that, when you reported that this was a problem many others experienced, the person should have investigated and made no recommendations before doing so. 
Having said that, I hope this experience gives you an understanding of when using the disability service is reasonably likely to benefit you and when it is unlikely.

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Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 1:59 PM
Subject: [nvda] microsoft says that there is a bug in the edge brouser
I just got a call from microsoft about my opend case and their enginers
and they said that there is a bug in edge thats why screen readers are
not reading the context menu.  They will call me when they have a fix
for the problem.  The problem is with edge so reinstalling my windows
would not have fixt the problem.  When the problem is with other users
it's not a problem with my windows so I chould not have been told
toreinstall my windows. If theproblem would have been only with my
windows and no one elses then I might have to reinstall my windows.    
windows   Running the nvda com redigistery fixing tool would not have
fixt the problem.  The problem was a bug in edge so nothing I would have
done would have fixt the problem.  The problem is not always with the
userit is on their end.

Brian Sackrider.

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