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I am what?  And what is my usual answer for anything web based?  and if whatever you say I am saying is wrong, why is it wrong?
I can’t discuss something where nothing is defined or explained.  While I don’t want to get into a lengthy debate, I’ll present, explain and defend my position once you explain what you object to and why. 
At this point, though I think I know what you are objecting to, I don’t want to comment on my guess about what you are objecting to, nor have you explained why. 
I think I can explain my position in a message that isn’t too long and if the message is long, I’ll indeicate that at the beginning so people may skip it if they want.

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Actually, yes you are, that seems to be your normal answer for everything web based,  and we’re hear to tell you that this is not the case 99 percent of the time.


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I am not writing to get into a debate with you about this but I will say, in order that what I'm saying be accurately understood that I did not limit myself to discussing the find command.  In my first message, I specifically discussed moving in other ways such as move by heading or by heading level.  I am not obsessed with the find command. 



On 6/21/2021 10:31 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, Brian,


I'm in total agreement with you here. What if a person is on an unfamiliar page and he or she doesn't know what to look for? If I know what I'm looking for, then I'll use the find command but that doesn't always work. For instance, when I go to the Heart of the Nation site to hear the Catholic Mass online, I use the elements list with insert f-7 and hit S to find Sunday Mass. I don't know why this person is so obsessed with the find command. Like the old saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. I won't say anything more.





On 6/21/2021 8:15 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 10:58 AM, Gene wrote:

which adds support to my opinion that it is at times, perhaps more than realized, better to use find or to move by heading or other ways directly on the web page.

Gene, I really have no idea why it obsesses you so how any given individual user attempts to navigate a page.

Some people, and many of whom are likely to have been JAWS users, simply like the elements dialog which is as close as you get to the links dialog under JAWS.

Any page that has 4400-plus links is not going to be easily navigated, period.  Most web designers would never even begin to think of putting that many links on a single page.  This particular page was not designed either for beauty or efficiency, but is just a massive list of links arranged in very large chunks, alphabetically, depending on what the title of the movie happens to be.

You know how much I happen to like screen reader find and the use of the various quick navigation options, but others simply don't.  There is no right or wrong way here, simply the one that one prefers.  And if you're aware that you're going to have to wait for some seconds on pages with way, way, way more links than is typical for NVDA to build the elements list, and make that choice, there's nothing wrong with that choice.

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