Re: Non Adobe PDF Readers that are accessible?


its actually easier with the codex project to do this. you can convert 1 file at a time from the shell.
You can't convert multipul files from the shell as each conversion runs codex instance to convert.
You can however do this from the main program itself which I guess is usefull if you have umpteen hundred files but codex is quick enough.
You can make txt rtf, epub, mobi, docx and pdf from the same explorer shell and I assume you can convert normal files to that format without the right app installed.
For me that is a lot better than any adobe product.
I do use adobe or rather did as some documents just won't convert right but between this and a few other things if all you use abbyy products for is conversion you may want to try this thing it all depends what you convert and how much.
For me its ebooks and manuals and I don't always have to many of those.

On 16/09/2016 9:19 a.m., Tea Turković wrote:

I use Abbyy finereader 12 for converting pdf files to Microsoft word and
after conversion I read the content. Also, I use MS Word for saving pdf


Tea Turkovic

9/15/2016 u 10:55 PM, Salva Doménech Miguel via je napisao/la:

I use to use Microsoft Office Word 2016, it can read and save pdf

El 15/09/2016 a las 22:53, Brandon Keith Biggs escribió:
I'm looking for PDF readers and possibly writers that are really
accessible with NVDA.
I know CutePDF has an amazing writer I always use, but has anyone tried
their pro program?
I am looking mostly for reading, but would really like to know of
something for writing and signing PDFs as well.
Does anyone know of any?

Brandon Keith Biggs <>

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