Re: microsoft says that there is a bug in the edge brouser


Well at least they admit there is a problem.

Since edge is on the chromium brouser, the fix will be in the next update.

Edge updates every time chrome updates unless its an out of band update that goes out.

You will get an update either on patch tuesday, or within a week or maybe a little later.

I had the same situation with office and after lenghthy conversations with microsoft got told by the enginiers that I'd get an update at the end of the week.

So you may get the same deal.

On 30/06/2021 6:59 am, Brian Sackrider wrote:
I just got a call from microsoft about my opend case and their enginers and they said that there is a bug in edge thats why screen readers are not reading the context menu.  They will call me when they have a fix for the problem.  The problem is with edge so reinstalling my windows would not have fixt the problem.  When the problem is with other users it's not a problem with my windows so I chould not have been told toreinstall my windows. If theproblem would have been only with my windows and no one elses then I might have to reinstall my windows.     windows   Running the nvda com redigistery fixing tool would not have fixt the problem.  The problem was a bug in edge so nothing I would have done would have fixt the problem.  The problem is not always with the userit is on their end.

Brian Sackrider.


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