Re: microsoft says that there is a bug in the edge brouser

Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

Did you try my work around to get the context menu to read?  It involved going into edit mode and tabbing to the desired link and then right clicking and/or if you want the basic context menu such as: back, forward, source and so on, then move to a blank area of the screen and switch to edit mode and right click.  This while a bit clumsy, does work for me.

On 6/29/2021 2:59 PM, Brian Sackrider wrote:
I just got a call from microsoft about my opend case and their enginers and they said that there is a bug in edge thats why screen readers are not reading the context menu.  They will call me when they have a fix for the problem.  The problem is with edge so reinstalling my windows would not have fixt the problem.  When the problem is with other users it's not a problem with my windows so I chould not have been told toreinstall my windows. If theproblem would have been only with my windows and no one elses then I might have to reinstall my windows.     windows   Running the nvda com redigistery fixing tool would not have fixt the problem.  The problem was a bug in edge so nothing I would have done would have fixt the problem.  The problem is not always with the userit is on their end.

Brian Sackrider.

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