Re: NVDA not working with Chrome

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thanks for that was a valuable feedback.
Also, also want ask you guise that should I update to latest windows 10 19043 build.
Does it have bugs?

On Tue, 29 Jun 2021 at 22:57, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:
Hidden User wrote:

> Used earlier version of NVDA

I would like to suggest the opposite.

Download the latest alpha version of NVDA from here.,dbd6c119

Don't install it, just run the executable file, and when the window comes
up to ask install, make a portable version, or keep running (what is
called a temporary copy), do that--just select keep running.

Then, Press NVDA+n, followed by t, to get to the NVDA tools menu.
Next, choose the option for "Run COM Registration Fixing Tool", and follow the prompts.

We have just finished rebuilding the internals of that tool to fix more
problems, and to work much better on 64-bit Windows.

After you run that tool, quit NVDA, and start your existing installed copy
of 2020.4 again, and see if your problem is resolved.

A note to anyone else reading this: this is specific advice, to this user
only, not a general suggestion. There's no reason for anyone else to try
this unless you are having this exact problem


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