Re: NVDA not working with Chrome


On Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 11:02 AM, Hidden User wrote:
updated to the latest version of windows and, the issue is resolved!
Which is precisely the reason that our group rules state that only in-support software can be discussed here and should be used.  And I do realize that several earlier builds of Windows 10 are still in support.

But this is the perfect illustration of the complex interplay of variables between an operating system and the application software running on it.  Virtually all complex software, and screen readers in particular, are going to be issuing system calls to the underlying operating system with great regularity.  It really is important to keep everything as updated as you can, while allowing time, in the case of Windows, for initial shake-out to take place.

But by the time the vast majority of end users are even offered the latest feature update for download and install it's usually well past the shake-out period.  That is unless you happen to be the very rare exception that gets put into one of the very early update cohorts, in which case just don't activate the download and install link for a couple of weeks until the initial shake-out has occurred.

Avoiding updates as a general practice is not a good computer maintenance strategy, and most often causes far more problems than it prevents.

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