hyper v accessibility for general virtual machine use



Note since I know users on hear include a particular user that managed to get me to get rid of a certain group to stop him pestering me about this only answer if you know exactly what I want.

If you think its going to be off topic on here answer off the list.

The question is simple enough.

Its got a backstory but I will put the question first.

What is the accessibility of hyper v for virtual machine creation and usage in windows 10 pro and higher?

Can you switch back and forth between a machine and the host system?

And what are the shortcut keys for it and wwhere do you find those.

Backstory follows.

In the year 2015 or there abouts, I started looking for a new system.

it wasn't till 2017 I got myself an hp duel drive laptop with an amd 2000 cpu and 16gb ram.

My plan was to use it for virtual machines so I have got all the virtual access stuff in bios activated.

I had heard for ages and ages about vmware and that it would be one of the best machines in which to realise my creative spirit.

It was accessible and I could use it.

I bought the new workstation 15 at the time paying 400 bucks for it, its a lot cheaper now but oh well.

My plan was of course to use it and be done with it.

I did use it on linux to fiddle with it and found it ok.

There were some issues though.

At least in the player I could not get edit fields to read like descriptions and the like and name fields.

The menus did work but not everything did.

In workstation I got menus working but not much else did.

As time went on I decided to test the enhanced keyboard feature out for linux to see what it did.

I did that.

One day I got the notification to get vmware workstation 16.

I did, however during install I neglected to check the box to update enhanced keyboard which I had previously installed.

Before the system was due to restart, I tried the program again, hoping things had changed but no luck.

On restart the keyboard stopped working.

In fact all keyboards just didn't work anymore.

If it hadn't been for sightling help I would have no choice but to reformat.

Luckily I had sightling help and ran a restore point I had created just before the upgrade.

Promptly after restoring I completely removed vmware from my system and as many leftovers as I could without entering the registry.

I then went to vmware's site to report the issue.

Firstly I was told to login with my vmware account which I had forgotten the password for and couldn't get it to reset.

Luckily I remembered and logged in. only to find that I would need a support contract.

There wasn't any other way to get in touch with vmware, so I had only 2 options.

I was just about mad enough to post all my vmware serials to a crack site I was that mad.

And to be honest if I could contact vmware I'd ask for a refund of both vmware versions since thats wasted cash.

But they can't be contacted so I did the only thing left to me.

I have deleted all coppies of vmware and all my licences and my login information which I don't want to remember and got out of vmware completely.

It was the start of covid 19 and I didn't want to have to reformat because of some buggy virtual machine software.

I have thought about virtualbox, but after my experience with vmware I am not sure if I will want to run an installed third party virtual machine again so maybe it would be portable.

However before I try that again, I want to see what windows own internal and hopefully fully compatible and less likely to screw up my configuration vm software is like which brings me back full circle.

What is hyper v like either as windows sandbox, what is it like hosting a linux distribution, and what is it like hosting a windows distribution.

Is it accessible like vmware is or is it better.

I don't want more issues but I feel a bit safer using a system which is part of the current os I have.

I always like pro and I always will have pro licences at the same time if its to much trouble then I won't bother.

At the same time, since covid has started jobs are a bit harder to get even online so if I can I'd like to get back to virtual machines again.

Obviously vmware is out of the question.

I want to get back to running windows 7, xp, 10, and linux of various types.

I also want to enter the insider program again.

The only way I can do it on this system at least is a virtual machine.

I have time to waste over winter a time when I usually have jobs.

I don't want to be inside during the hot summer months thats when I want to be outside.

But its freezing cold and I have the time and energy to work mmy guts out.

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