Re: Question about using the elements list on a page with a large quantity of information


On Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 05:23 PM, Gene wrote:
I’m discussing typical pages such as The new York Times home page which has about 104 links. 
So, Gene, you've chosen to ignore the exact context under which the topic started.  I have the same results as you do for virtually any "typical" page, and a NYT page is quite typical.  But that's not the context that was initially established nor being asked about.  That's critically important.

A "special circumstance" of a page characterized by a number of elements much, much higher than is typical was clearly specified as the area of problem and concern.  What happens in typical pages is not relevant to that question.
That's why I was thrilled when Giles Turnbull gave a direct link to a page that is akin to the one originally asked about (but appears to require login privileges to actually get to).  Try it on:
That's a representative example of the sort of page being asked about.

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