Re: NVDA 2021.1 Release Candidate now available


Well, if anyone has any add-ons that are incompatible, and that are flagged as such, I'd love to know whether you're having the same issue I did when I went to Add-Ons Manager to remove them.  I select the incompatible add-on, hit the remove button, and other than all the buttons in Add-Ons manager stippling out (and I realize most readers here cannot see that, but it is an indicator that the process has begun) that's where things stop.  I do not get the typical "you've got to restart NVDA" dialog.  If I hit Escape afterward it does come up, but not until, and I waited a long time before trying Escape.

I did start a trouble ticket on this, so if anyone else does have this problem, add a comment: 

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