cannot check boxes.

Monte Single

Hi List,


I am using nvda 2020.4 in win10 20h2  with current chrome.


Recently, my  credit union  made some changes to the online banking experience.

I would show you the problem web page,  but that is impossible due to security.


For the last several years, I could do all my banking on line, especially ;

---reviewing transactions,


---bill payments, etc..

web pages with the transactions, bill payments etc.    had tables dis


I could navigate these tables  with the tab key  or alt left and right arrows to move through rows.

I could move from row to row tith control+alt+up or down arrows to move up and down thrught the rows. Showed the date, payee, account, date, amount.


Also, I could use the space bard, to check a box at the beginning of a row to select a payee.

The space bar no longer selects anything.

I cannot move up and down with control+alt+up and down arrows any more.

I tried switching modes with the spacebar+nvda key,  this di not help.







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