Re: cannot check boxes.


Yeah, try another browser, or if you have another screen reader try it. Or continue to use NVDA if you don’t have any other. If it doesn’t work using another browser or another screen reader. Then call your bank.


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You could try another browser.  I doubt that will solve the problem but there’s no harm trying.



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Hi, Brian,

Oh yes,  I had a lengthy session with customer service  with no joy and requested that the problem be forwarded to my branch manager and the IT person.


Thought  someone on the list might have some kind of keystroke combo  suggestion.


Still dancing in the dark,




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On Sun, Jul 4, 2021 at 04:16 PM, Monte Single wrote:

Recently, my  credit union  made some changes to the online banking experience.

Contact customer service and report this.  If you haven't changed NVDA, or Windows, and this is now occurring immediately after those changes then suspect the changes.

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