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Brave is a special case and I have found occasions when something doesn’t work because of Brave security settings.  But that isn’t an accessibility issue.  That is a Brave issue. It may be a necessary inconvenience because of what Brave does.
The definition of accessibility states ways in which sites should function, for example, there is a statement something like that controls should work from the keyboard.  If Chrome-based browsers don’t work properly on a site, that is a whole class of browsers.  I understand the reality of needing to use different browsers and/or screen-readers on some sites, and I’m not saying every site that has this or that problem should be reported or made a major issue of.  But the definition of accessible is not stated in such a way that a site that works with Firefox and not with chrome-based browsers would be considered accessible. 

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If it works with one browser and/or screen-reader and not with another combination of well recognized standard programs, it isn’t accessible, its usable under certain conditions which isn’t the same thing..
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.  While I agree it can be annoying to find one's favorite browser does not "play well" with a given site, or that one's favorite screen reader does not, that does not mean a site is inaccessible.

Issues with interactions, which are hopefully (and, in actuality, in my experience are) rare, between a specific screen reader and a specific browser with a specific website are simply something that happens.  That's why everyone, including the sighted, needs to be willing and able to try a different browser with specific sites.  I have to do this all the time since Brave, with it's stringent privacy focus, does not play well with certain websites (including, but not limited to, the New York Times).

Occasional interaction issues are a fact of life and, because they are, you need to be ready to try other screen readers and browsers when necessary.

I'd still report the issue, that's for sure, but very often what you're going to hear, whether sighted or blind, is to try it with another browser.  I got precisely that response from the New York Times with regard to a recent trouble ticket I filed.  And since it works with the browser they recommended, plus several others, it would be unreasonable of me to believe they should feel any pressing need to make changes so that my preferred browser works.

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