Re: cannot check boxes.


It would be nice if OCR could be taught to recognize these
checkboxes/radio buttons as such & also their state. Doesn't seem like
that should be all that hard w/AI & all that now.

On 7/4/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
You disagreed with me. I responded and that’s how the discussion began. I
do ;pay attention and respond to what people say. You said this in your
initial disagreement:
“I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. While I agree it can be annoying to
find one's favorite browser does not "play well" with a given site, or that
one's favorite screen reader does not, that does not mean a site is

As I said, there is a difference between accessible and usable. And you
never defined accessible. You criticized my definition as being abstract.
Without a generally accepted and defined definition of accessibility, there
would be no standards for determining when a site is or isn’t accessible
which would pose all sorts of problems.

All I said was that the problem should be called to the attention of the
bank even if a work around is found. I said nothing about people needing or
not needing to use other browsers or screen-readers. I didn’t say everyone
who encounters any site they need to use a work around to access should
complain to the site. Nor am I saying that a site has to work properly with
every possible combination of programs. But a site like this, a banking
site, should be generally accessible.

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On Sun, Jul 4, 2021 at 08:03 PM, Gene wrote:

I’m saying that, in a case like this, where a major site is not usable by
a widely used screen-reader and browser or class of browsers, that site is
not accessible.
And I have said nothing that contradicts that in regard to this specific
site from the outset.

For the love of heaven, Gene, please read, and respond to, what I have
actually written, with the entire context of an ongoing conversation being
used as the framework. I don't make additions to a topic like this that are
each meant to stand, independently, of all others.

My very first response was to take this up with customer support since the
only change had been to the website. The screen reader and browser were the
same as have been used with their site's prior iteration.

My second was advising the offering of the specific institution in question,
as it's really impossible to know whether anyone else may have found an
accessibility method that you (the generic you) didn't, somehow.

Talking about issues like this in the abstract is as close to a complete
waste of time as one can get. I could say, I can't access the subscription
management page for my local newspaper, and it would be entirely useless to
discuss unless I could give the exact URL, or say something like it's a
Gannett paper and uses their subscription system (as there are hundreds of
papers owned and run under the Gannett name and software).

I understand the abstract concepts regarding accessibility. They're just of
little use when discussing a specific situation and whether anyone may, or
may not, have discovered a workaround. Talking about issues with
accessibility without specifics makes trying to find a solution akin to
trying to nail jello to a tree.


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