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I just reviewed the Add-Ons Compatibility page, and there are a few Add-Ons where the developer is identified by name, but no e-mail address is given.  I would ask Quentin, or whoever is in charge of that page, to please reply to this message with regard to who should be contacted as maintainer of that page if someone knows the missing addresses.  I have no idea how one would submit an update.  One of the things I feel should be on any page like this is an entry, either at the top or bottom, that clearly identifies the point of contact for updates to that page.  My guess is there is someone who knows the missing email addresses, but perhaps not.

One of the add-ons where Tyler Spivey is the developer is missing his address, and I've added it in the list below, which are all the ones on the page I found without email information for the developers.  There is also one that lists Doug Lee as the developer and he has his own Contact & Support page, to which I've given the link, and maintains his own website as a whole, and I've given that link, too.


Dual Voice

·         Compatible: Yes (external link                    NOTE:  The link is missing and needs to be included.

·         Contact: Seyed Mahmood Taghavi-Shahri


Lambda Add-On for NVDA

·         Compatible: No

·         Contact: Alberto Zanella, Ivan Novegil



·         Compatible: No

·         Contact: Abdel, Rémy Ruiz, Abdellah Zineddine, Jean-François Colas


·         Compatible: No

·         Contact: Sergey Shishmintzev


NV Speech Player.

·         Compatible: No

·         Contact: NV Access


Speech History

·         Compatible: No

·         Contact: Tyler Spivey, James Scholes 

         (Tyler’s address:   tspivey@...)


TeamTalk Classic

·         Compatible: Yes (not updated on the website)

·         Contact: Doug Lee with initial work by Tyler Spivey and others

Doug’s Contact and Support Information page

Doug’s Website:  


Time Zoner

·         Compatible: No

·         Contact: Munawar Bijani




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