Re: Contacting add-on developers where no contact information is provided

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Tim

I wish the ones that have not been updated for years would be removed and put onto another page

Then again there are some add ons like that I wish some one would update to work with the latest release of nvda. The one that comes to mind is the for example tip of the day would help new users of nvda. and  guess there would be some others.

Gene nz


On 7/07/2021 2:51 am, Tim M wrote:

Just looked at that page and surprized you got add ons over 5 years old never update still listed?

I can see all the confussion nice jumble mess.

On 7/6/2021 12:00 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:


Last modified timestamp is at the bottom of every page located on the community add-ons site, including the compatibility list.



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