Re: Contacting add-on developers where no contact information is provided


On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 04:53 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
I wish the ones that have not been updated for years would be removed and put onto another page
I'd certainly separate out anything not compatible with 2020.X to its own category, if nothing else.  Anything not updated to be compatible after 2019.3 is really unlikely to be updated for 2021.1 unless someone were to pick up a long dropped torch.

There are definitely some things on that page that I have no recall of seeing on the Community Add-Ons page.

Whether it's this page or the Community Add-Ons page, I'd rather see the add-ons grouped by release up through which they're compatible and, where there are backward compatibility breaking releases, something noting that they're NOT compatible for earlier than that given release.

But, since there is only one NVDA release currently in support at any one moment in time, it makes no sense to me to mix in things that are, say, compatible up through 2019.3 (only) with the add-ons compatible with later releases.  And after a certain point I'd either remove an add-on or create an "out of support" section so that old add-ons are identified and, perhaps, someone might want to take over developing them again.  But anything in that section would be well known to be non-functional with current NVDA. 

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