Re: Initial Windows 11 experience with NVDA



Hopefully to clarify more than one question (because I do see this on the mentioned Win10 Forum, which is undergoing a name change process at the moment):

I can assure you all that screen reader vendors and Microsoft are aware of user interface oddities. For example, there are UI label issues affecting major screen readers (Narrator included), details of which require explanation of the toolkit used to code UI elements (beyond the scope of this list, I'm afraid). I have published workarounds for NVDA users in the form of Windows App Essentials add-on development builds, but there are other issues to be discovered. Given prevalence of UI issues with current Windows 11 Insider Preview builds (namely how data is exposed to screen readers), I have advised Windows UI team to resolve issues as soon as possible.

My advice for Windows 11 discussion: follow Brian's advice. I will do everything I can to make sure screen reader users navigating Windows 11 are not forgotten and treated with respect, provided that I won't collapse due to a combination of graduate school prep anxiety and nightly debugging and debate sessions with Windows Insiders and Microsoft people. I can assure you that NVDA users will receive workarounds through Windows App Essentials add-on in the foreseeable future (this is one of those moments where I might just beg Microsoft to pay for graduate school or give grants to NV Access, but I feel that's too much; that's my feeling regarding current state of UI issues with Windows 11 preview, but I remain hopeful that things can be resolved by end of this year). Also, I said it before but I'm putting in all caps: SUPPORT FOR Windows 11 FROM NVDA IS EXPERIMENTAL AND THINGS CAN CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, DO NOT USE Windows 11 PREVIEW RELEASE WITHOUT KEEPING BUGS IN MIND!

P.S. I know that folks rarely see me write the above in all caps, but please, please, please, remember the above warning.



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