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There is a translation add-on.  These sorts of features, which aren’t related to the defined function of a screen-reader are usually found in add-ons. 
The official add-ons page is here:
Add-ons on this page have been inspected, tested, and approved by NVDA evaluators.  There are add-ons from other places and I’m not saying to use or not to use them, but since add-ons have the ability to do all sorts of things and can function as malware, you may want to be careful which unapproved ones you use.
the name of the translation add-on is Instant Translate.

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Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2021 5:51 PM
Subject: [nvda] Translation Capability
Hi Group[,

I was told NVDA has language translation capability, but checking the
menus I was not able to spot it.
For instance, with a combination of keystrokes NVDA will translate a
language into another.
Does anyone know about this?
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