Re: Final reminder: NVDACon U.S. to take place on the 16th and 17th!

Lino Morales

Yo Derek. Where is the schedule page on said URL? Don't see one.

On 9/15/2016 1:13 PM, derek riemer wrote:

Dear NVDA community:

The North American regional conference for NVDA will take place tomorrow night and Saturday, online over teamtalk. Anyone and everyone is welcome, whether you're an avid NVDA user, or whether you have little or no experience with the free open source NVDA screen reader. This conference will include the following sessions:

* How NVDA is used by universities to test for web accessibility issues.

* a panel from three fine NVDA users using NVDA in various work and school settings,

* an open forum where you can talk to other NVDA users,

* A question and answer session where you can ask NVDA experts how to achieve things with Microsoft office,

* and last but not least: The keynote from the Lighthouse for the blind of San Fransisco!

Please visit our website, and check out what we have to offer! If you need help setting up the teamtalk client, Feel free to email or for a quicker response, post an email to the NVDA users support list.
Our website is live at
I and the rest of the planning committee hope to see you there!

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