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In browse mode settings, the shortcut command to open that dialog is control NVDA key b, tab around and you will see a checkbox that says something like audio indication of focus and browse modes.  If this is checked, uncheck it with the space bar.  Then activate the ok button.
I’m not sure if that is the problem but I can’t think of any other possible cause.
As I recall, NVDA doesn’t change modes when it comes across buttons and radio buttons.  That’s why I’m doubtful that is the solution but, as I said, I can’t think of any other possible cause.

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Subject: [nvda] Sounds when scrolling up and down
Hi Group,

Although I changed nothing, starting this morning NVDA began making
beeping and other kinds of sounds as I scroll up or down or move among
buttons and check boxes.
-- Where in the menus can I change it to as it used to be?
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