Re: Sounds when scrolling up and down

John Isige

Could you be hearing misspelled words? If you get into some sort of
editable browser control and turn your sounds back up and misspell
something, it makes this kind of buzzing noise. Maybe you're reading a
bunch of stuff it perceives as being misspelled. I'm suggesting the
experiment of deliberate misspelling so you can know if that's the noise
it was making.

On 7/8/2021 1:40 PM, Nevzat Adil wrote:
I went to BrowserNav under settings and decreased all the sounds to
zero. No more sounds when I navigate! ✌

On 7/8/21, Nevzat Adil via <> wrote:
I'm using NVDA. When I press enter at an edit box NVDA says "focus
mode" and when press escape says "brows mode" But when I begin using
the arrow keys or any other like 'h', 'b', or 'n' I hear beeping or
something like a growling sound. Audio indication of focus/brows mode
is unchecked.

As someone suggested earlier it could be any of the add ons causing
those sounds, but no idea which one. Perhaps I should disable them all
to see if the issue continues. Then I can enable them one at a time to
find the culprit.

On 7/8/21, Andre Fisher <> wrote:

Are you sure you're using NVDA and not Narrator?

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