two questions.

ken lawrence

Hi listers.  two questions.  first the harder one.  I know on the newest NVDA update it says that it recognizes HTML 5 elements on internet explorer.  I have noticed on both pandora and on blip FM the sites react with the space bar on items.  for example on pandora I can now switch stations and shuffle all my stations on IE.  but there is a problem with IE every so often the browser stops and you get that, Internet explorer has stopped working, “a problem” caused the program to stop working correctly.  notice the words A problem in quotes.  it doesn’t happen on chrome or firefox but even though chromes reads stations and the shuffle as clickable it says, “clickable clickable clickable shuffle,” the space, mouse button nore the enter key no response.  Is NVDA not able to recognize the HTML elements on firefox and chrome or is there another thing I need to do.  hit the incert minus and NVDA says move to focus but mouse button has no effect on it.  any ideas.  second I saw in blind bargains something that says take the NV access survey for new features?  has that been posted here on list? 

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