Quick update on Windows 11 (reply offlist please): NvDA alpha.23330 will recognize Windows 11, this is just the beginning


Hello NvDA users,

To comply with requests from moderators (see earlier messages), if you have any comments or concerns about Windows 11, please talk to me directly (not on the list please):

I’m delighted to announce that a new milestone was achieved: as of NVDA alpha build 23330, NVDA will recognize Insider Preview build 22000 as Windows 11. This mostly benefits a specific group: Windows Insiders who are testing Windows 11 with NVDA alpha snapshots. With this milestone, developers and code contributors can begin “training” i.e. modify NVDA to work better with Windows 11 changes.

This is just the beginning. I expect Windows 11 support will be added piece by piece. Again, let me emphasize that support for Windows 11 from NvDA is EXPERIMENTAL as things can change without notice (that’s why I asked folks to talk to me about Windows 11 directly, not on this list).

P.S. On a personal note, two significant changes were just incorporated into NVDA: a feature from Resource Monitor add-on internals, and a visible feature from Windows App Essentials. More on these later.



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