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Calc from Open Office also has these problems using JAWS. so you need to save frequently in case it crashes and you lose all the info you have put in.


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For my use, OpenOffice is even worse than LibreOffice.

It appears that those suites and NVDA have some form of incompatibility
because when used together, both become unstable.

In LibreOffice, working with a very complex spreadsheet for some time
causes NVDA to stop talking (using F2 to reestablish things don't work).

In some cases, Calc totally stops responding.

Calculations with very large chunks of data (as adding cells of wntire
columns become VERY SLOW).

Change spreadsheets with PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP have strange results:
instead of speaking the name of the spreadsheet, sometimes NVDA becomes

NVDA+SPACE don't work.

And so on...

I used MS Office some time ago in a friend computer and was amazed how
well NVDA and MS suite function together, but I can't afford buying
Office :(

Em 16/09/2016 05:29, Brian's Mail list account escreveu:
I'm a bit out of touch, but does Libra and Open Office still have the read whole document issue with nvda?
Ie it will stop before theend.
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no, these days are long gone.

On 15/09/2016 17:22, Dan Beaver wrote:
Does OpenOffice not need Java accessbridge now?

It used to and I found it less than reliable.


Dan Beaver

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