Re: Running NVDA on a MacBook with BootCamp or similar?

matthew dyer

Loke,  If the macbook Is an intel, you should be fine, but the Mblea than you are out of luck as bootcamp is not on the M 1 and it not supported.






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Subject: [nvda] Running NVDA on a MacBook with BootCamp or similar?



I consulted Google before sending this but I only came across this situation for NVDA testing purposes so I don’t want to presume that information also applies to the end user experience. I accepted a new developer job and found out today my new employer is shipping me a MacBook Pro as my work computer. This was surprising considering we’ll be developing in C#.Net in Visual Studio, an IDE for which I do not believe there is even a Mac version at this time. Sounds like we’ll be using BootCamp or something similar. I have zero experience with Macs and am terrified this is going to be a huge and unexpected learning curve that will slow down my onboarding. Anyway, is it possible to use NVDA in a Windows mode of Mac and does it work just like on a real PC? One of those articles I skimmed mentioned that the Mac doesn’t have an Insert key, the default NVDA key and that there might be some other keyboard discrepancies, but I would plan on just connecting an external Windows-style keyboard anyway, provided that will work. Any reassurance, tips or guidance on this would be hugely appreciated. I’ve already resigned from my current company and will be starting the new job in two weeks so I’m kind of freaking out right now, Ha.


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