Re: Running NVDA on a MacBook with BootCamp or similar?

Jonathan COHN

hello the latest mac book pro 13 inch has the M1 chip which you probably do not want based on your requirements. Every computer in my house is a macintosh and I would be glad to help you offlist in getting started with ,the Mac.
Jonathan Cohn

On Jul 9, 2021, at 6:00 PM, Luke Robinett <lukelistservs@...> wrote:

Just wanted to thank all of you for the responses. It has calmed my nerves greatly! From what I understand, this is the latest generation of MacBook Pro so I’m imagining it has the necessary hardware to run windows. If anything, maybe I’m in for a real treat and I’ll become a McIntosh fanboy after this experience. LOL. Thanks again guys

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I accepted a new developer job and found out today my new employer is
shipping me a MacBook Pro as my work computer. This was surprising
considering we'll be developing in C#.Net in Visual Studio, an IDE for
which I do not believe there is even a Mac version at this time.

Visual Studio for Mac exists for some time now - see here
I haven't used it myself but from various lists I gather it is more or
less accessible with VoiceOver

Sounds like we'll be using BootCamp or something similar. I have
zero experience with Macs and am terrified this is going to be a huge
and unexpected learning curve that will slow down my onboarding.

If you've never used Mac with VO before and it'll turn out you're indeed
required to use VS under Mac then it certainly would.

Anyway, is it possible to use NVDA in a Windows mode of Mac and does it
work just like on a real PC? One of those articles I skimmed mentioned
that the Mac doesn't have an Insert key, the default NVDA key and that
there might be some other keyboard discrepancies, but I would plan on
just connecting an external Windows-style keyboard anyway, provided that
will work. Any reassurance, tips or guidance on this would be hugely

I've been using Windows via \Bootcamp on my Mac for about a year without
much troubles with NVDA it was however an older model and more
importantly a desktop one.
If your Macbook is going to be an one of the recently released with an
M1 processor then you're out of luck since Windows cannot be made to run
on it natively for the time being and while virtualizing it appears to
be possible there is apparently a big lag with assistive technologies
when using it that way.
Also an external keyboard is certainly something which should be
considered since newest Mac models don't have a physical row of function
keys and while VoiceOver allows to emulate them it is impossible to do
under windows.


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