Re: Compatibility updates to the "Golden Cursor" add-on will not be provided

David Moore

Golden cursor was my favorite add-on! I used it a lot to access controls with math programs that I use to tutor! Who can I get with to have this add-on updated so I can use this important software? I would pay for Golden cursor to be compatible with future versions of NVDA! I am already using Windows 11 dev insiders update! Please get back with me and suggest what I can do with future versions of NVDA and my very beloved Golden Cursor! Thanks so much!

On Fri, Jul 9, 2021, 1:14 AM Louise Pfau <lpfau@...> wrote:
Hi.  I’ve obtained Joseph’s permission to post to the list regarding the compatibility status of the “Golden cursor” add-on.  I contacted him to enquire about the compatibility status of the “Golden Cursor” add-on prior to the release of NVDA 2021.1, and he informed me that he will not be providing compatibility updates.  I may have caused some confusion, because I thought he was the main add-on developer, for which I appologize.

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