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David Goldfield

I agree with Gene. While I won’t say that I’ve done an exhaustive search the searching that I have done leads to nothing but dead ends. I specifically looked for Sapi5 voices as I seriously doubt that an NVDA addon exists that will be compatible with version 2021.1. So far I’ve found nothing that appears to be both legal as well as purchasable.



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Sent: Friday, July 9, 2021 8:01 PM
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As far as I know, there is no legal Dectalk add-on at least not one that sounds at all like what would be expected.  I don’t know if it is possible to purchase Dectalk as a stand alone synthesizer, such as a SAPI 5 synthesizer, but I’ve never heard of that either. 


You may be able to get more information about the legal ability to purchase Dectalk with a search but I’ve been on this list since the rather early days of NVDA, and I think there would have been information on the list before this if there were a legal add-on, and a legal way to ;purchase Dectalk, at least at anything like a reasonable price, given the interest in Dectalk. 


Years ago, someone who worked with Dectalk provided a legal version of Dectalk but it was evidently very old and it sounded very different than the Dectalk people expect.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] decktalk addon for nvda


I would like a decTalk addon that works with NVDA2021.1 as well, but I prefer decTalk 4.41 through 4.6. 

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