Re: Code Factory voices for nvda


Well if you have your atguys link, if the sapi voices for eloquence and vocaliser are anything to go on just download it from your atguys email link and its going to work.

Please read the message just posted about voices and such.

I wish they told me about the voices because while its all fixed now with the voices all reinstalled, I have used systems with broken voices and it screws up sapi big time, the only way to fix it is to do a clean install of the os.

This is probably something I will bring up with code factory because while its fixed now there is no way to get rid of the voices that are broken and if I was told an update was going to require extra steps I would have uninstalled all voices before updating.

On 10/07/2021 2:21 am, Don H wrote:
If I purchased my code factory vocalizer package from ATGuys can I still download the NVDA addon from the code factory web site?


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