Request for comments: an audio backstage tour of Windows 10 App Essentials


Hi everyone,


As Windows 10 is being deployed around the world and universal apps are becoming more prominent, I thought it would be best to produce an audio overview of Windows 10 App Essentials add-on and to talk about what it takes to write app modules for universal apps. So I’d like to receive feedback on the following outline:


·         Title: Dive into the world of Windows 10, UIA and universal apps

·         Description: an audio tutorial providing essential information on Windows 10, UI Automation (UIA) and what it takes to make universal apps accessible and create app modules for them, using Windows 10 App Essentials add-on as a blueprint.



1.       Windows 10 overview

2.       What are universal apps and a brief overview of Universal Windows Platform

3.       A crash course on UI Automation

4.       Your first app module for a UWP app

5.       Scenario 1: wrong labels for controls

6.       Scenario 2: locating objects

7.       Scenario 3: Events and custom routines

8.       Tips and recommendations to make universal apps accessible


The tutorial assumes:

1.       Windows 10 versions 1511 and 1607 (I’ll briefly cover version 1507).

2.       Knowledge of NVDA, especially NVDA 2016 series.

3.       Familiarity with object navigation.

4.       Experience with creating app modules and/or working with UIA controls are recommended.



1.       Be able to explain the following terms: Windows 10, universal apps, Universal Windows Platform, Windows Store, UI Automation, app module, object navigation.

2.       Learn to advocate for accessibility of universal apps.

3.       Learn to navigate and use universal apps more effectively.

4.       Learn to create app modules for universal apps (if desired).

5.       Understand the impact of code changes and advocacy on accessibility of a platform.


I’m also willing to host an online-based strategy meeting in October regarding the above topics.


Thanks. Comments are appreciated.



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