Re: Looks like Code Factory has updated their voices to support NVDA 2021.1


Yeah, there are ml I assume mobile voices and several others some of them may have been updated.

On 10/07/2021 9:47 pm, Socheat wrote:
Hi shaun,
That's good to know. However, I don't have the sapi5 package to test it at the moment, so I will not see the new voices that have been added. I'd assume they added those new voices to their latest driver for NVDA as well?

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I just got the sapi update after reading this message.

A note, there are a lot of updated voices, so you will have to uninstall then reinstall all the voices that have updates after updating your eloquence and vocaliser sapi package.

Also please note that a lot of voices will become uninstalled after the updates but their names will remain in the registry.

To fix it appears all you need to do is uninstall all the voices that have updates, and reinstall all voices.

I wish there was some way to remove all the broken voices or to update all the voices but oh well, its taken me an hour and the voices are installed.

Several new voices as well as ml varients so maybe ml means mobile they don't sound much different.

Its good to see a few more voices especially another one for australia.

On 9/07/2021 8:57 pm, Socheat wrote:
Hi list,

Just in case some of you may not be aware, CF has already put up the
latest driver for their voices to support NVDA 2021.1.



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