Re: Running NVDA on a MacBook with BootCamp or similar?

V Stuart Foote


So for a non-Intel x86 based M1 ARM instruction set Apple desktop or laptop, this currently will require Parallels and a not quite legal copy of the ARM 64 flavor of Windows 10 preview to run as a guest OS.

There will be no "Bootcamp" mode to support ARM 64 Windows running natively--so it has to be a hosted virtual machine.

For now options to Paralles do not exist, VM Ware's Fusion is not going to support the ARM 64 flavor of Windows -- until Microsoft clarifies the licensing situation. 

But, for a hosted ARM 64 flavor of Windows there is no reason to expect that NVDA would not function.

But Key mappings will be a challenge -- the mix of native macOS shortcuts & accelerators, nsAccessibility, and those shortcuts/accellerator allocated to the guest os, and finally any NVDA specific mappings.

Quite a bit to sort through. Your milage may vary (YMMV)  with your patience, good luck!


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