Re: Running NVDA on a MacBook with BootCamp or similar?

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As we appear to have the green light of this not being off topic. Here is a rough outline of how you can get windows 10 insiders build working on an M1 under parallels.

You will need sighted assistance for this bit as parallels does not work with VO, but follow this guide to get up and running:

Once running use narrator to download the latest version of NVDA.

This will give you a basic working install.

THings that will be missing:
1. The NVDA key as VO will grab it - i personally re-map the key above tab to insert. I do this under MacOS using:

2. The other issue you may have is control+alt keyboard shortcuts not working. These will work under some apps for example, Microsoft Word and some Windows keyboard shortcuts. If this is enough for you then ignore this bit. If its not…

Download -

You will now need to create your own custom keyboard layout. You will need to remove all the alt-gr and control-alt mappings to get all your control-alt shortcuts working. 

Then once you have done this you build that version of the keyboard and select it. It builds it as an .exe and should then show up as a keyboard option once installed. Note you may need to remove the other keyboards at this point to get all shortcuts working.

You can follow this guide:

Ignore all the stuff about auto hotkey you are after the remapping with the keyboard layout creator.

I do have the keyboard layout as the .exe for a MBA with a US layout. If you require that instead of making it yourself let me know and i can send it through.

As a prior comment said it is these keymappings that take the real effort. But once that is done you have the keyboard layout forever. With Windows 11 just around the corner and it having ARM support this guide to get it working should hopefully, work on that too and be super useful for MacOS users.

On 10 Jul 2021, at 23:59, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

On Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 03:24 PM, Jonathan COHN wrote:
Your reply is totally useless as is. AND THIS TOPIC is pretty much not about NVDA att so should be discontinued.
Moderator's Note:  No, my dear sir, but yours is, and it's belligerent as well, and I know which I find more offensive:  open belligerence.

Things have now been explained, but even before they were it's clear that someone has to learn how to deal with snark.  Snark as a way of expressing incredulity is common and appropriate at times.

I have no problem with heated disagreements on merit, and I also think that asking whether NVDA can run under Bootcamp is absolutely "about NVDA."  So this topic isn't about to be locked, at least not yet.

There's almost certain to be someone at some point in the future who wonders about how/whether NVDA can be run under Bootcamp on a Mac and this topic gives useful information in that regard.

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