Re: sending a file through NVDA remote

Michael Micallef at FITA

Hi tony,


Nvda remote cannot send files from one pc to another better option is to install dropbox and it is free for further details visit



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Can you please explain more fully how to send a file through a NVDA remote?

Thanks in advance




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Files, as in, text files, or an mp3 or png file, so only text and not files can be pushed through nvda remote.


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what do you mean about files?

On 10/07/2021 18:39, Chris Mullins wrote:



You can’t send files via NVDA remote, you can only push/pull  text between connected machines.




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Subject: [nvda] sending a file through NVDA remote



I have successfully pushed my clipboard to someone's computer that I was controlling via NVDA remote, but now I want to send a file.

I went into remote and copied the link and send, and I don't know if it went, or if it did, where it went to on the other computer.





Thanks for your time in advance.
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