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Cearbhall O'Meadhra



I thought this had solved the problem last January but I was mistaken. Even with “allow editing directly in cells” and “hardware graphics acceleration” disabled in the advanced options I am still getting the floating balnked charcters as before.


I am running Excel 2010 under windows 10 with NVDA 2016.1


Any other suggestions?


All the best,




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Hi Chris,


I have experienced your issues with editing formulas in cells on my work laptop which is running windows 7 32bit and office 2013. However, I am on windows 10 on a 64 bit machine running excel 2016 and do not have this problem. I had similar experiences with windows 7 64bit that is, I was able to edit text in cells directly.


Try making the following changes.

1.       From the advanced tab, disable allow editing directly in cells.

2.       Disable hardware graphics acceleration  again in the advanced tab.



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Subject: [NVDA] NVDA with MS Excel



Has anyone encountered problems using MS Excel, in particular when using the VBA editor to write macros (I am using Windows 7), Office 2007.  NVDA occasionally announces ‘blank’ where there are letters (this occurs mainly wen the letter follows an open bracket)  and may also miss out entire lines of code when moving around using the arrow keys.  This behaviour also occurs after pressing F2 to display a formula.  Using the Tools/Options dialog,to configure the VBA editor,   I have set font to Courier New Western and pointsize to 10  but NVDA announces it as Ariel 8 point.    


Does anyone know of any work arounds or NVDA parameters I can use to prevent this behaviour from occurring?





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