Re: Running NVDA on a MacBook with BootCamp or similar?

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If you are talking about running Windows on an M1  mac, VMware fusion has this update on their blog:

As others have mentioned, Boot Camp is going bye-bye, so your only option in the long run is going to be to use a virtual machine. I am currently running VMware fusion, with NVDA and DragonDictate on a 2018 Mac mini and it works okay, but mind you that it takes a lot of processing power. It looks like it is going to be a little while before VMware fusion can run on an M1 mac.

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Hello. If your employer has shipped you the new mac, you won’t be able to run NVDA on the new macs with the m1 chip as you can’t run windows on the new mac. However, the mac uses Voiceover as its built in screen reader, and the concepts between mac and windows are the same. That is, the mac has a desktop, but the differences is that with applications on the mac, you use the app store to download mac apps and you can of course download mac apps from the internet, but the thing is you don’t have a start menu but you have a menu bar, and your applications go in a folder called applications and like on windows you can put short cuts on the desktop. If you want to learn how to use the mac with speech, here is a user guide that’ll show you how to use the screen reader on the mac.

Voiceover User Guide for Mac - Apple Support

Also, applications don’t install on the mac, meaning, you just run the application from the desktop or applications folder and away you go. Also, the apple macs and iPhones are designed to work together, and the thing is that there is no freezing of programs on the mac, and if applications on the mac happens to enter an unresponsive state, Voice Over will not crash. Rather, it’ll say, “busy.”

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I consulted Google before sending this but I only came across this situation for NVDA testing purposes so I don’t want to presume that information also applies to the end user experience. I accepted a new developer job and found out today my new employer is shipping me a MacBook Pro as my work computer. This was surprising considering we’ll be developing in C#.Net in Visual Studio, an IDE for which I do not believe there is even a Mac version at this time. Sounds like we’ll be using BootCamp or something similar. I have zero experience with Macs and am terrified this is going to be a huge and unexpected learning curve that will slow down my onboarding. Anyway, is it possible to use NVDA in a Windows mode of Mac and does it work just like on a real PC? One of those articles I skimmed mentioned that the Mac doesn’t have an Insert key, the default NVDA key and that there might be some other keyboard discrepancies, but I would plan on just connecting an external Windows-style keyboard anyway, provided that will work. Any reassurance, tips or guidance on this would be hugely appreciated. I’ve already resigned from my current company and will be starting the new job in two weeks so I’m kind of freaking out right now, Ha.


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