In NVDA, most Microsoft OneCore voices are the same voice for me.

John Isige

Hi all.

So I've got all of the extra English OneCore voices installed, so Richard, Linda, James, that kind of thing. For some reason, if I set NVDA to use the OneCore voices and change voices, all of them are David, except for Zira and Mark. I'm pretty sure this worked at one point, but it's obviously broken now. I've tried restarting with addons disabled, and I still have the same issue.

I know the voices are installed properly because if I go into settings/time & language/speech, the voices show up there and preview as themselves. Additionally, if I run Narrator, I can change to each voice in the list and it's actually the correct voice. Anybody have any ideas? It's not vitally important that I get this working or anything, I mostly use Code Factory's SAPI 5 Eloquence, but it's pretty strange, and I like to fix those kinds of things if I can.

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